What is Emerging Alternatives anyway?



Well, where do we start? In case you haven't been to the about page yet, this is what it says at the time of writing this article:

"E.A. is focused on documenting and sharing information about the people creating new alternatives all around the world and paving the way for a more sustainable future".

It does sum it up pretty well, but we're not just about content creation. Emerging Alternatives has been created to become a community of people sharing ideas. Our mission is to be a bridge between communities so that information can spread further, be tested and improved in new places all around the world.


Ok ok, but what do you mean by alternatives, and what kind of content are you focusing on?

The alternatives we focus on are innovative ways of doing things that aim to be more sustainable than the ways we most commonly use today. The ideas behind those alternatives don't have to be new, and often they won't be, but they are ideas that are gaining in popularity and becoming mainstream because they respond to a growing need for sustainability in our society.

As for the subjects we'll be covering, we have a lot of ideas on our blackboard right now. But we'll start with "alternative living" and "travel", the main reason for that is that we have a lot of content already on hands that just needs editing. Then, we will include subjects such as agriculture, education, energy and economy.

Please, do contact us if you know of a company or individual who is rethinking their business or activity to make it more sustainable. We'd love to hear their story!


Where do you share your content and how can we join the community? 

The videos will be on our Youtube Channel.

The community is on Facebook.

Other social medias are Twitter for news feed, Instagram for behind the scenes and Pinterest for all our pictures.


If you're reading this early 2018, you're one of our first readers and even though there isn't much content yet, we would be really happy to have you onboard as subscriber on one or more of the above mentioned social media platforms. Join the tribe!