Adventure as an Alternative to Conventional Travel

This short film is about Adventure as an alternative to conventional travel. It will probably need a follow-up video to give some context and explanations. But this is a good place to start talking about the limitations of conventional tourism and about the alternatives that are out there for us to choose from.

I feel that there's an app or a guide for everything now and we tend to forget how to get lost when we travel. Try to go on a vacation without booking your hotels, without planning your visits and even without a guidebook. You'll soon start asking the locals for recommendations. You'll rediscover the trust you once had in others and in yourself, because the world is a good place as long as you listen to your intuition rather than any logic you might think you came up with. If you feel it's right - do it! If you feel something is wrong, move on somewhere else.

I've traveled a lot in the past decade and there are still so many places I haven't been to; not because they were far from where I was but because I'd rather spend more time in one or two locations rather than chase a tick on a bucket list. One of the best part of travel is what you're probably doing right now, It's the visualizing / dreaming part. Then comes the anticipation, then the actual travel. But if we go to every place we want to just because we can, than there is no more excitement from dreams and the excitement from anticipation will slowly decrease the more places you visit.  So slow down, get out of your comfort zone as often as you can, trust your intuition and live a life of adventure.