Van Update & Travel Stories

It's been a while since the last video so it's time for a van update. The van has been great to live in, but there's always some improvements here and there that are done. Everything seems to work fine so far, except for the charge controller that stopped working. It seems to have been a settings problem, so it did not seem relevant to talk about it in the video. 

Also there is a new addition to the Emerging Alternatives team - after Red, i'll introduce you to Blue!

Then i'm talking about my travels and life abroad during the past decade, all that while riding my bike and doing slackline. It starts with adventure travel and my time traveling from Paris to Bangkok on a 50€ second hand bicycle (mind you, it received some serious upgrades before hitting the road). And then goes on to my life abroad for work, studies, and travels focusing on how those experiences brought me to where i am today. 

The end of the video turns to "lessons from the road". It's mostly about routine and comfort zone which seems to be a trendy topic on Youtube and social media, but generally overused and described as something oppressing and preventing us from achieving our dreams. I certainly don't think routine and comfort zones are the enemy so i decided to add my two cents, which reflect my experience from living abroad during the past decade. 

I hope you enjoyed the video!