Red big brother, a bike trip and a lesson of humility

I left the van in a campsite for 3 days to go on a bike trip across the south of France.

I met with Rob, a friend from my days on the road in Norway. I met Rob while bicycle touring in Norway 3 years ago. Rob runs a company organizing bicycle tours all round the world. I joined him in the middle of a 2000km trip from Nice to Barcelona and spent 3 days cycling with blue (my old Peugeot bicycle).
I had been hearing about this (those, as he has 3 or 4) red adventure truck (firetrucks) for a while and i final got to meet with one. Nobody is sleeping in the trucks, they are set up to carry
everything needed to support 30 to 40 riders on the road (kitchen, tent, bicycle gears etc.)

I spent 3 days cycling with a group of mostly Australian and American cyclists. I've cycled for months from Paris to Bangkok, but i still don't consider myself as a cyclist. It was a big lesson of humility to see passionate cyclist of all ages heading for weeks of (organized) cycling adventure. I haven't cycled like that for nearly two years now, and i clearly wasn't in shape to keep up with them, but i did my best anyway. Luckily i had to edit this video afterwards and spend 3 days sitting down in from of my desk, so no-one could notice that i had trouble walking. 

I'm glad i got back to Red (my camper-van) though. There is no place like home and that's what Red is for me now. 

Next video will be about van conversion budget so stay tuned!